OKBet eSports Betting: Best LoL Jungler Players in the World

OKBet eSports Betting Best LoL Jungler Players in the World

Who are the top League of Legends Junglers in 2022? We’ll look at the top junglers in 2022 right now, chosen from the four key areas of this competitive season. The jungle role has evolved into a crucial playmaker over time, serving as a link between the early laning phase and the mid-game skirmishes. Since the durability patch triggered a meta shift, junglers are now also expected to possess outstanding team fighting abilities due to the longer game durations.
Top League of Legends Junglers in 2022
Let’s examine which players in the jungle role have the most talent with Worlds 2022 in mind. We shall list the top players in at least each major area since we haven’t seen any other international performances than MSI. However, the rankings of the junglers in the same region will be determined by the order in which they appear on this list. So without further ado, let’s get started!

The League of Legends Pro League’s Top Junglers (LPL)

Kanavi Seo Jin-hyeok

JDG’s Kanavi is first on our ranking in the Chinese region. Following their impressive performance during the Spring, he was already on our list last time, but the current LPL Summer Split Champions have moved him up to the next position. JDG is a strong favorite to win the World Championship after displaying incredible teamfighting and skirmishing abilities.

Having saying that, a lot of the credit for JDG’s success must go to their jungler. He is an incredibly well-rounded talent and the league’s indisputable top player. He is capable of performing at a high level as any champion, whether a bruiser, tank, or carry. He is different from the others due to his aggressive playstyle and pathing.

Kanavi joined JDG last year as a result of the Griffin incident, but she was unable to make Worlds. But this time, he is traveling to NA with the knowledge that he has the capacity and the resources to compete for the title of top jungler player in the world.

Tarzan” Lee Seung-yong

Tarzan, an LNG Esports jungler, is the next name on the list. Tarzan, who was formerly on the Griffin roster along with Kanavi, adjusted to the Chinese League more quickly than his fellow Korean ex-teammate.

Tarzan was regarded as one of the LPL’s top junglers since since he joined LNG in 2021. He was the ideal “bridge” for his mid laner Doinb, who is known for seeking out proactive plays on the map early in the game.

Despite LNG Esports’ failure to qualify for Worlds, Tarzan earned a spot on this list for his impact to the team’s success in the LPL Summer Playoffs. Although it is disappointing that we won’t get to witness him shine on the largest platform of all time, his reliability and performance once again caught attention this year.

“Tian” Gao Tian-Liang

Right now, Tian is sort of going through a redemption arc. Tian has returned to the LPL this year to seek glory after being the 2019 World Champions, dealing with ongoing health concerns, and taking a vacation from the professional scene in 2021 due to excessive stress. and he appears to be back in shape.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for Top Esports, who came in second in both the spring and summer tournaments, losing to JDG and RNG for the championship. Even worse is the fact that both championship series were lost in five games.

Nevertheless, Tian has greatly contributed to the success of Top Esports throughout the year and they have demonstrated excellent consistency. He may not be the team’s major carry or the flashiest guy on the planet, but you can sense his presence and utility in every game, making him one of the top haha jungler players of the year.

Li “Jiejie” Zhao Li-Jie

Jiejie wasn’t initially intended to be on this list. His regular summer split performance wasn’t all that impressive, especially considering that World champion caliber play is expected.

That said, his resurgence throughout the playoffs for the summer split has absolutely changed my perspective on him. In addition to getting back to where he had been, he managed to lock EDG into Worlds and eliminate RNG in the LPL Regional Finals. He overshadowed Wei by taking an absurd 32.0 KDA, making plays all over the place in all three games.

The 2021 LoL Worlds Champions have always leaned on Jiejie’s initiative in an effort to create as much of an immediate influence on the map as possible. His strength increases his value more given the state of the meta at the moment.

EDG is still a team to keep an eye on even if they are the third seed from the LPL into Worlds. They may be a tier behind TES and JDG based on what we’ve seen so far, but that should have been the case last year. But things didn’t turn out as planned… If Jiejie is in top form, EDG will be ready to compete against the finest junglers in the world.

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The League of Legends Champions Korea’s Top Junglers (LCK)

“Peanut” Han Wang-ho

The strength of the LPL junglers pool this year has been demonstrated. In contrast, the LCK doesn’t have many good jungle players, and Peanut is likely the only one who has demonstrated and persuaded himself to be as valuable a person as his Chinese rivals.

After a good 2021 campaign, the former SKT T1 player was given a starting position on the Gen.G lineup. Gen.G was guaranteed victory by joining such a talented group, regardless of how well he played. Despite this, he was still able to demonstrate his abilities and inform the public that he is once again the promising young man from the SKT era.

A large champion pool, good ganks, clears, and intelligent pathings. What more could a jungler possibly give? Perhaps the capacity to play the carry role, although Gen.G doesn’t require that. Ruler and Chovy are already present. Regardless of your perspective, Peanut is one of the top League of Legends players of the 2022 season and the ideal fit for a squad like Gen.G.

All attention will be on their performance against the Chinese powerhouses given their dominance in the LCK this summer. Will this be the year that Korea regains its former glory and that Gen.G wins the World Cup?

Lunar “Oner” Hyeon-joon

One of the LCK’s top junglers, Oner, has made a name for himself. This year, he continued to develop and solidify his position as a core component of the squad after winning the starting position on the T1 roster the previous year.

I believe that some of the drafts the team pursued in one way or another held Oner back. T1 has had this problem the entire split, but it was particularly noticeable during the summer playoffs. I believe Oner would have displayed higher levels of skill with stronger drafts.

His playstyle is more geared toward carry or bruiser champions as compared to other junglers. If champions like Xin Zhao, Lee Sin, and Viego manage to become meta again by Worlds, Oner might move up the list of the greatest haha junglers in 2022 because of how at ease he is with them.

Oner will experience tremendous pressure from the team’s supporters as a member of T1, one of the top League of Legends teams in the world. Hopefully it won’t affect his ability to play…

Kanyon” Kim Geon-bu

DAMWON This year, T1 and Gen.G both dethroned Kia. They were the team that separated the top two from the others and was in the middle, not belonging to either group.

Canyon is still one of League of Legends’ top jungler players, though. And in comparison to the other two Korean players we already highlighted, I believe he had to make a greater personal sacrifice.

DK has experienced ups and downs in the top lane with both Nuguri and Burdol, and doesn’t have a bot lane that is as strong as Gen.G or T1’s. Canyon was still performing his duties and making adjustments as necessary despite this. He played 15 different junglers over the regular split, making him the jungler who took the most chances. Oner and Peanut, in contrast, played 10 and 9, respectively, of the junglers.

The adaptability and self-assurance of a champion player are incredibly crucial traits. The DK lineup for this year, in my opinion, was significantly downgraded. However, if we must name a guy who unquestionably did not “fade away,” Canyon is that person.

The League of Legends European Championship’s Top Junglers (LEC)

After discussing the LPL and the LCK, it’s time to examine which western LoL junglers will be the best in 2022, starting with the LEC.

Jankowski, Marcin “Jankos”

Despite playing for what was then regarded as a powerhouse club, Jankos had a difficult season in 2021. His performance was significantly impacted by the team’s underwhelming performance as a whole.

But this year, the “First Blood King” is back in top shape. It is exciting to watch him competing for the top spot in every LoL tournament he took part in in 2022 as one of the prominent LEC veterans.

This will be his best opportunity to lead EU to victory and repeat that heartbreaking 2019 final because G2 and Jankos have already secured a spot at the Worlds Championship. If he succeeds, Jankos will join the select group of the world’s top junglers.

Razork Martn Dáz Iván

The argument we made before concerning Jiejie can be used by Razork. Although he didn’t have a stellar Spring split, the player has kept Fnatic in the LEC summer playoffs over the past three weeks.

The prevailing perception is that Razork has simultaneously discovered his team’s needs and his go-to choices for the current metagame. His development and the group’s general steadiness helped them to qualify for Worlds.

In light of this, Razork has always been a player who experiences higher highs than low lows. If he wants to advance in his development as one of the top lol jungler players, it will be essential for him to perform well at the international levels.

The League of Legends Championship Series’ Best Jungler (LCS)

Robert Huang, aka “Blaber”

The final jungler on our list is Blaber. He was previously mentioned as one of the best players from the NA LCS, and he has maintained this “title” despite Inspired from the LEC joining the NA LCS this year.

Blaber is unique in that he can quickly and easily adjust to any metagame thanks to his adaptability. He is capable of making the most of any champion he chooses quickly because to his mechanics and high degree of micro play.

Despite having a respectable summer split, Cloud9 has really excelled in the playoffs. As Blaber has the opportunity to compete against the other top lol jungler players in the globe, they appear to be the best squad NA can send this year once more.

In League of Legends, the role of the jungler is regarded as one of the most important, particularly from a tactical one. The greatest athletes from each major region are included on the list, although there are many more who could excel at Worlds. Who is your underdog candidate? Comment below and let us know!