OKBET Online Legit Casino’s contests continue to reward readers and forum users

OKBET Online Legit Casino's contests continue to reward readers and forum users

It’s been a thrilling few years for OKbet Online Casino Philippines. Although our team has accomplished numerous proud milestones, maintaining contact with our audiences has always been a top focus. To thank our readers, forum participants, and devoted gamers with various prizes, we created exciting contests over the years. Drawing the line, the OKbet Online Casino Philippines crew has given away prizes through similar competitions totalling €3,500.

Others were just as cool as iPhones and game consoles, while some of these were related to gambling. The competitions served as a means of communication with our viewers as well as a method to thank them for supporting OKbet Online Casino Philippines and show appreciation for all of our hard work over the last few years. As a result, when our social media profiles went live in May 2019, fans of OKbet Online Casino Philippines showed a lot of interest.

Over the years, we’ve given away 3,600 free spins in total along with the iPhone11, PlayStation4, and more. The tournaments attracted anywhere from 540 to 1100 participants at once, and throughout the years, we were delighted to get in touch with the winners and get to know them personally.

The beginning of the forum served as a significant impetus for our desire to hold contests. We wanted to present our readers to great prizes that demonstrated our appreciation for them after realising we had the chance to reach and interact with audiences in a significant way.

We had a PlayStation 4 competition in 2020 that included six additional games for the system. The Instax Mini 11 contest was followed by another that used an Xbox Series S. The level of participation convinced OKbet Online Casino Philippines that such competitions needed to become commonplace. Given that not everyone enjoys gaming or gambling, we started awarding Amazon gift cards to winners, allowing them to spend the money as they pleased.

Of course, the demand for the Xbox Series S quickly prompted us to purchase a new one as well. We also improved. For instance, our eighth competition was for a single Amazon voucher, but we already knew what interested our audiences and how to connect with them, so we posted a new forum banner to spread the word and assist our readers in taking advantage of yet another fantastic competition.

The competitions were fair, and OKbet Online Casino Philippines never required players to sign up for an okbet casino account to take part; instead, players could join for free. Our winners have hailed from a variety of countries, including Mexico, Poland, Canada, and more.

Years after launching our first competition, we are happy to report that we have amassed a user base of more than 90,000 people who are a part of the OKbet Online Casino Philippines family and regularly share their experiences and opinions with us. This includes more than 4,000 new registered users each month.